About Us


It was on the July 25th, 2010 wedding ceremony in which a cola-nut was given to the Enugu people who attended the ceremony that made us to come together to pray and break the cola-nut according to our Igbo tradition that the discussion of coming together every month began.

There was no forum or an umbrella of Enugu state as a community then, so the Kola-nut was given to our indigenous son who was then the oldest Nigerian in Turkey whose name is Mr Osita (A.K.A Five Star General). He therefore, used the medium of breaking of the kola-nut, to call on the individuals from Enugu state, who attended the wedding reception to be united as a group of people and form a community in Turkey.

To God be the glory, the people of Enugu State came together as a community and held their first proceedings at Chief Paul Agbo”s office (Okennwa igbo Turkey) in Osmanbey sisli metropolis Istanbul, Turkey which also took place in the same month of July, 2010. The people of Enugu State became the first community in Turkey as a whole, to unite all it ‘s members and formed the association. Thereby creating the awareness and the importance of brotherliness, and as a family in Turkey. Which later awaken the spirit of other States from Nigeria in Turkey to come together as a community. Such as Anambra State association Turkey, Imo state association Turkey, Abia state association Turkey, Oduduwa Yoruba community Turkey.

Enugu State association Turkey was formed and well established with enormous members as a community before any of the above mentioned Nigerian communities in Turkey, marking her as the pioneer of other communities. Today, the Enugu state association Turkey, has stand to be progressive and successful with her neighboring State indigenous persons, i.e. Ebonyi State coming together to be part of this great moving train of Enugu in Turkey. Perhaps for this reason, the association is well known and fully registered under the Turkish government as Enugu – Ebonyi state association Turkey with a membership identity cards. The association has also celebrated several interesting and tremendous events that attracted individuals both within and outside the country of Turkey to mention but a few, is the Enugu-Ebonyi end of the year ceremony. Of course, we are proud to be in Turkey as one family through the Grace of God.